First blog post

TES. sings songs of Stimulation, Provocation, Liberation & Celebration. A charismatic speaker, healer and visionary on a path of Destiny, She has written over eighty heart-opening songs, and was honored to have been invited to perform her original trance-hymn Peace… In the Middle East for 6000 Israeli and Palestinian women in Jerusalem. Deeply influenced by her heritage mandate to add beauty to the world, has emerged as a provocative Emissary for global peace, demonstrating the choice of living in blissful harmony here and now mesmerizing audiences with her captivating sound and powerful words.

TES. is a musical prophet and international singing star recognized for her hit single “Peace in the Middle East” has emerged as one of the top shamanic performance artists and spiritual teachers on the world sacred music scene. She has performed on television, stage and film for over 20 years. Her merry band of shamanic performance ministers known as The God Squad has ignited audiences from some of the top alternative stages on the west coast. They tickle and transform audiences with their creative satire and irreverent spiritual playfulness. The angelic vocal resonance of. attracts the creme in world class musicians as well as cosmic presence from the other side. Watch out for an AMAZING line up of Stars from all dimensions.


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